Summer is the perfect time to show off a healthy clear pond. So here are some of our top picks to tackle
unsightly Algae Blanket weed and sludge.

clear pond.jpg

1. Tackle Algae & Blanket Weed with our treatments that are fish, plant and wildlife safe pond additive, and are easy to use.

2. Once blanket weed has decayed it will produce sludge. Drop a Sludge Bomb straight into your pond or filter  to help achieve clear water as the bomb digest the sludge .

3. With no more blanket weed and sludge you can maintain your healthy clear pond with Pure Pond. This is a natural product which works to improve the water quality, and helps to reduce ammonia and nitrite, creating a safer environment for your fish. .

blanket and algae weed control.jpg
bermuda pure pond edit.png

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Clear Water Tips!