Pond Planting Tips!

We recommend that, for ease of maintenance, all marginal plants should be contained in mesh planting baskets or crates.
On the whole, because they will compete, it is best to avoid planting more than one variety of plant in a single basket. Marginal plants form clumps and will grow to the size of the basket-the bigger the basket the bigger the clump. Fill the basket with a hessian square then 1/2 full of aquatic soil,pressed down well to make it really firm.
Position the plant so that the base of the stem is about 1-2 cms below the rim of the basket.Fill aquatic basket with soil-again really firmly pressed into place,so that the soil reaches to the base of the stem.
Top dress with 1-2cms of aquatic safe pea gravel or similar. Do not use normal gravel as it will cause algae-we have aquatic-safe gravel available for sale.
Finally, use a pond plant feed stick - this has just enough nutrients to feed for 12 months, and will help healthy growth and blooms.


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